Jak uzupełnić test, żeby dowiedzieć się jaki masz poziom znajomości języka?

Poniżej znajdują się pytania testowe. To jest test, gdzie tylko jedna odpowiedź jest poprawna. Odpowiedz na tyle pytań, na ile jesteś w stanie odpowiedzieć i wyślij test klikając na dole strony specjalny przycisk. 

Pamiętaj, że sam test to nie wszystko. Jeśli chcesz, byśmy poinformowali Cię o jego wynikach, powinniśmy poznać Twoje dane. Bez tego nie oddzwonimy lub nie odpiszemy, bo jeśli nie zostawisz nam swoich danych, nie będziemy wiedzieli z kim się skontaktować. Dlatego po wysłaniu testu, prosimy, uzupełnij formularz kontaktowy.

To wszystko jest bezpłatne.

1. What _____________name?

2. She's _____________ a student.

3. __________________________ Polish?

4. ’Are Helen and Mike from Australia?’ ’No, _____ aren’t.’

5. He’s from London. _____ name’s Graham.

6. My parents are very _____. That’s their new Mercedes.

7. 7.I _____________ to Rome but I want to go there next year.

8. ’Where’s Tommy?’ ’He _______________ his bike.’

9. Dan’s so ______. He pays for everything when we go out.

10. We ___________ to Paris and then got to Lyon by train.

11. They ______________ a pizza. They had pasta.

12. The children played _________________ in the garden.

13. I’m ________________________ my sister.

14. I’m sorry I’m late. I ______ the bus.

15. How many ______ in your garden?

16. Maria Curie-Skłodowska is famous _____ her discoveries.

17. You’d be very rich if you _____ about your adventures.

18. It is still uncertain whether or not the place __________ . The decision must be made before May.

19. They won’t _____ you go to the wedding because you don’t have an invitation.

20. Do you remember where _____ ?

21. Can you ______ me a favour? I need a lift to the airport as soon as possible.

22. He ______ me if I could tell him the way.

23. ’What are you thinking _____________ at the weekend?’ ’I’ve no idea.’

24. Don’t be so ______! You’ll have to wait.

25. I look ______ my mother; we have the same eyes and nose.

26. I fell ______ the steps and broke my arm.

27. We ______________ wear a uniform. We can wear anything we like.

28. I _____________ get the bus to work, but now I drive.

29. When his rich grandfather died, he unexpectedly _______________ a lot of money.

30. I won’t do it ___________ you help me. I can’t do it myself!

31. Why are you _______________ ? I can hardly hear you.

32. Adrian asked me if I could ______ him some money.

33. The meeting is ______ 17 May at 2.00 p.m.

34. Excuse me, could I ______ on these jeans, please?

35. ’There’s somebody at the door.’ ’OK. __________ it.’

36. I didn’t know he __________ the class until his sister told me.

37. He told us __________ . He was really angry.

38. She gave me her telephone number __________ I needed it.

39. How can you be so __________ ? You only think about yourself, your needs, your problems!

40. If they ______________ a map, they wouldn’t have got lost.

41. Don’t ________________ my leg. It’s not funny at all!

42. I had a funny ________________ at school. They called me ’Beetroot’.

43. I’ve _______________ finished redecorating the flat. I only need to paint the door.

44. He had to wash the white shirt in new Chloro washing powder because it was ________________ .

45. The match had been planned for Tuesday, but it was _______________ due to the terrible weather.

46. Driving on motorways has become ________________ dangerous over the last 25 years.

47. I’d rather you ________________ my books all the time. I’m using them.

48. After the accident I had to ________________ my car. It could not be repaired.

49. I enjoy Italian food, ________________ lasagne.

50. You ________________ given him the money. It wasn’t necessary at all.

51. There is real fear of _____ warming and extreme climate change.

52. Professor Wilson ____________ to give a paper on world politics.

53. The new manager doesn’t ______________ of smoking in the conference room.

54. Thank God you have come _____________! The train leaves in three minutes.

55. He ________________ her of marrying him for his money.

56. What matters most while choosing a school are standards and ________________ of academic education.

57. Not until later ________________ that I had forgotten to call him.

58. Our working lives, especially as a result of computer technology are in a state of ________________ .

59. The Chairman was given a ________________ when he left the company.

60. The Chairman was given a ________________ when he left the company.

Pamiętaj, żeby po wysłaniu testu uzupełnić i wysłać również formularz kontaktowy.
Bez tego nie dowiesz się, jaki masz poziom znajomości języka oraz kiedy rusza Twoja grupa.
Formularz kontaktowy pojawi się, gdy wyślesz powyższy test.