Polish language for foreigners in Szczecin

Polish language course for foreigners is becoming more and more popular every year. More people come to visit our country and challenge themselves with learning our language. If you are living in Poland and you wish to easily deal with everyday situations - Open Mind is a place for you.

Within the Polish language course you will get up to even 112 lessons that are divided into two semesters (meetings are held from October to June). A large choice of dates will make it easy for you to connect your learning with daily responsibilites and activities. Our experienced lectors will help you break communication barriers, encouraging you to use the Polish language freely, in a creative way. We put the main focus not only on communication, but also on the harmonic development of all language competencies such as reading, writing and listening. Standard language course offers lessons in groups, where the atmosphere is friendly, full of mutual respect and motivation. Lectors make their classes and teachning methods not only interesting and different, but also entertaining and effective at the same time.

We invite you to our Language School in Szczecin if you want to learn Polish!

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