Norwegian language in Szczecin

Interest in learning scandinavian languages grows every year. If you want to fluently communicate in Norwegian, this place is perfect for you. With Open Mind, you can start from the beginning or widen your knowledge of this unusual language.

Norwegian language in Open Mind is a wide range of lesson dates to choose from, versatile set of obligatory classes and additional teaching, experienced, creative lectors, attractive learning material, small groups in conveniently equipped rooms. We try our best to make learning in our school a positive, worthwile experience that will result in raising the language competitions of our students.

During the organised Norwegian course, you will be able to learn the language which will help you deal with everyday situations, from social to business contacts. Lectors pay the most attention to developing the skills of listening, reading and writing, while also breaking the communication bariers and raising self-confidence. For the lessons, we use television and press materials, thanks to which you are in contact with living language, used in Norway on everyday basis.

We invite all people who are passionate about Norwegian to our Language School in Szczecin!

For all of our courses,you can get co-financed within the Development Services Database.