French language in Szczecin

French is one of the most popular languages, used in more than 29 countries all around the world. Do you want to freely communicate when visiting France, Belgium, Canada or Monaco? Invest in yourself and join a professional French language course.

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No matter if you want it for your business or you just like the melody of this beautiful language and you love to travel along with meeting new people - learning french is a great idea.

French language courses in Open Mind are prepared in a flexible way, so they can be fitted to even the tightest schedule, while different levels let you sign up for a class that suits your needs. Learning French in our school means up to even 112 lessons, when you will gain the basic language competencies such as understanding, speaking, reading and writing. Our experienced lectors will help you break your blockade and become confident with communicating in French. During the course we will guarantee you contact with living language and constant help from the teachers.

Visit our Open Mind Exam Center in Szczecin if you are passionate about French - or other languages!