Language courses and certificates with co-financing

We are the only language school in Szczecin with accreditation of the West-Pomeranian Board of Education, that offers the possibility to be a part of the project "Co-financing for development services for west-pomeranian companies from the SME sector" implemented within Activities of 6.1 Regional Operation Program of the West-Pomeranian Voivodeship 2014-2020.


How can you get co-financed?

The project is aimed towards micro, small and medium enterprises with their own headquaters (also a branch office or any other form of activity of the entity which is authorized by law) in West-Pomeranian voivodeship and workers who are employed in this voivodeship. Persons who can benefit from the development services are company owners and those who are employed with a contract or other forms of civil law agreements (fee-for-task agreement, contract of commission), who work for the enterprise. Our courses can get from 50% to 80% co-financing, up to 400 000 PLN (depending on enterprise status).We help getting this co-financing for amounts 3 times higher.

Step by step

  1. First you need to register yourself and your company on the website ofPolish Agency for Enterprise Development.
  2. Then, contact our school to getthe Service Card (an attractive offer), that we will adjust to your needs.
  3. Contact a Business Advisor from on of our 3 Operators in our voivodeship (links below.)
  4. After filling all necessary documents with the Operator you need toregister yourself and your companyon the PADE (polish: PARP) websiteusing your Service Card, which is mandatoryif you want to get co-financing
  5. Signing a service agreement in our school.
  6. After finishing the service agreement we provide you with the documents needed for settlement with the Operator.
  7. On the PADE (PARP)websiteyou rate our quality.
  8. After the documentation is accepted by the Operator, you receive a refund.


Operator links in alphabetical order:

Regional Development Agency of Koszalin j.s.c.

Polish Entrepreneurs Foundation

West Pomeranian Agency for Regional Development j.s.c.


To sign up for an individual course, please contact our school.Those courses are adjusted to a person and there are too many variables to cursorily discuss them in the Development Services Database.

Below there is a list of our group courses in the Development Services Database.
If you do not know, what the letters in the levels refer to, please look up the table at the bottom of the page.


















Languages that are not on the list are taught within individual classes, according to lesser interest. If you wish we prepare a course from a language other than those described above, contact us, so we can prepare an offer specifically for you. In difficult cases, it might take up to 2 or 3 weeks, but usually we carry on.



Contact people from the OPEN MIND Exam Center
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Justyna Koczorowska - tel. 795 024 911, e-mail: