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To get more information about the chosen exam, please click its icon. For both of them we help you to prepare in our Center. We also assist with administration such as documentation in the local British Council. By signing up with us, you will pay less than in the British Council center. Both of the below exams you can also pass with us, if only there will be at least 20 candidates per one session. In other cases, you will need to pass your exam in much larger groups, divided into two separate dates with listening and oral exam.

You can sign up up to 2 months before the date of the exam, and the results come after 2 months from taking the exam. For example, if you want to present your certificate to a school that needs to accept you in July, you need to sign up for a March exam session the latest - in January of the given year. Passing your exam in June will result in getting your score in August. BC exams are those that require the earliest sign up and take the longest to provide you with the results. In total, the time between signing up and getting the result is about 4 months.

Here you can check the closest dates of exams in Poland.

Due to the fact that other exams than the one mentioned are more popular in our Center, we do not organise British Council Exams on the levels different than below.

No matter where you will take your exam, it is always worth asking in our secretariatif you can get co-financed within the Development Services Database. The co-financing can reach from 50% to 80% of the whole exam cost.