With us, you can quickly pass your exams from the organisations listed below:


Just click the icon of the organisation that interests you to find out more. Each of them offers the possibility to pass an exam in English. Additionally, ETS Global and TELC also offer exams in German and French. TELC is the only one that has several other languages that you can pass in the University of Łódź. The organisations are sorted from the ones that offer the fastest certificate obtaining and are also the quickest to pass.For all examsyou can get co-financed with the Development Services Database. Just contact us for more information.

For those who do not have information on language levels, we placeda link to Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Poziomy biegłości językowej wg skali CEFR


Each certificate is valid for 2 years, regardless of if it is written in its contents. It is based on a simple idea. If 5-10 years ago you passed your secondary school certificate in a given language and did not use this language through this whole time, your knowledge is probably limited. Similar things happens to the certificates. Referring to a over a dozen-year-old certificate is not very well seen on the job market. If you really want your potential employer to appreciate the value of your certificate, do not show those that are older than 2 years. Only ETS Global has this information on their website.